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Our contribution to environmental protection

The Solar roof for the house of the future

We love our environment and our planet

With every SolteQ roof we contribute to a better and cleaner environment

SolteQ-Group product range 

In addition to products for energy production, the SolteQ Group also offers products for
● safety in the field of photovoltaics and wind energy
● Solar roofs in various styles
● Security for people & equippment
● Theft protection for photovoltaic outdoor installations

All our products are produced in Oberlangen in Germany!

Solarstrom vom Dach

The energy source of the future - your roof

Photovoltaic and heating - everything from one roof tile
Solarenergie vom Dach

Weatherproof roof covering

100% water proof

The safest way to get a roof weatherproof and rainproof is to overlapp the roof tiles. For example, roof tiles have been laid overlapping from top to bottom for centuries. Water flows from top to bottom, from one brick to the next.

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Strom vom Dach

Covers your electricity needs

Ample power to 100% coverage of your electricity requirement 

The Solteq energy roof is not only stylish but it is full of energy. Why have blue photovoltaic panels on your roof, when you can have a beautiful stylish SolteQ roof!?

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Strom und Wärme vom Dach

Covers your heating requirement

Heating and hot water supplier

The SolteQ energy roof generates not only electricity, but also heating energy.
This is why it is an "energy roof".
The entire roof area is used as a large thermal collector area in addition to the photovoltaic system.

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Kostengünstige Photovoltaik

Cost-effective and a great look

Generates cost savings on like a normal roof

The roof that not only looks great, but generates so much energy that it can make energy bills a thing of the past.
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Farbauswahl bei Dachpfannen

Color and shape selection

SolteQ roofing tiles: rich in color and shapes

The tiles are available in a variety of colors and styles. 
Curved roof dugouts? Cladding?
All of this is possile with the SolteQ technology.

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Photovoltaik mit einfacher Monatge

Easy construction

The installation of the tiles is a very simple process

Because our roofs consist of roof tiles, they are simple and cost effective to install and therefore have significant advantages of a conventional building integrated photovoltaic system.

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Photovoltaic and heating from one roof tile?
A smart roof covering with 5 functions?
Security products for photovoltaics?

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