The SolteQ Energy Facade

Protective cover, beautiful look and energy producer - all at the same time

Facades are great energy carriers,
because in winter the sun is low.

SolteQ roofing and facade slabs

Series Infinity
 The standard dimension size for these slabs is 54x54 cm.
However it can be produced in a variety of sizes with different cover options. Please contact us for further details.
Available in
- Anthracite
- Silver grey
- silver crystal (slate optics)

Solarenergie mit Fassadenplatten

Facade panels

The suspended, ventilated façade ... with energy
The perfect solution for building integrated photovoltaics
The high-performance facade provides a protective building envelope and produces energy with the added safety feature of our BFA safety cut-off device.
SolteQ Fassadenplatte - schwarz

Facade ECO - Black

SolteQ Fassadenplatte - grün

Facade ECO - forest green

SolteQ Fassadenplatte - silbergrau

Facade ECO - silver grey

SolteQ Fassadenplatte - terracotta

Facade ECO - Terracotta

SolteQ Fassadenplatte - petrol

Facade ECO - Petrol

Further designs on request

New - SolteQ Wave Series

Since September 2017 
Dachschindel mit Photovoltaik in TERRACOTTA

Wave-Series for roof and facade

The „wave design“ for your home

Natural shapes and patterns
- always timeless, always chic
The right design for everybody:
Decent shades of grey...


Dachschindel mit Photovoltaik in SCHWARZ

Wave-Series, colorful

The „wave design“ for your home

...or happy and colorful.
Format: 34x38 cm


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Elegant and discreet color nuances

Let your imagination run wild. We're running with you.
SolteQ Fassadenplatten - Farbwahl
SolteQ Fassadenplatten - Farbwahl
SolteQ Fassadenplatten - Farbwahl

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